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Velocity Media is an outdoor advertising company based in South Ireland. We specialise in all forms of ambient advertising using a wide range of media to promote businesses, ideas and brands  both locally and nationally.

Velocity can supply and employ various advertising formats from posters and digital media to eye-catching and innovative advertising platforms that grab attention while delivering your message to the  people who matter. We are always ready to listen to your needs and work with you to devise the best advertising campaigns and strategy to deliver results while working within budget.

Contact us at Velocity Media Waterford for a no-obligation quote or just simply to chat about what types of advertising we recommend.

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Velocity was born in 2004 from an idea by Matt Shanahan to offer a unique outdoor advertising service to small and medium sized enterprises in the Matt Shanahan founder of Velocity Munster and Leinster region.

The idea was to build a network of advertising displays in key retail locations where local business could advertise their products and services without having to deal with onerous national advertising channel partners.

Today, Velocity owns and offers advertising space on a contract basis for various outdoor formats in the Munster and Leinster region.

Subsequent to demand for advertising research and market planning services, Velocity began to offer business consulting services. These are primarily targeted at new start up companies who wish to commercially scale but may not yet be market ready or are poorly researched or protected to enter a market. The growth in this area has allowed Velocity to develop key learnings and insight in the area of start ups and enterprise development and Velocity has contributed significantly to growth in client company business in areas such as Healthcare, Energy and Food manufacture in both B2B and B2C segments.

If you have a business that requires a kick start why not email or call us today and see how we can help accelerate your development!


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